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Attention was given to psychological needs through assistance in writing letters to relatives and through providing educational and recreational activities. Nightingale experienced a slow recovery, as no active treatment was available.

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The lingering effects of the disease were to last for 25 years, frequently confining her to bed because of severe chronic pain. Nightingale remained in Scutari until the hospitals were ready to close, returning to her home in Derbyshire on August 7, , as a reluctant heroine. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security. Florence Nightingale. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents.

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This That and the Other Thing: Nightingale Nurses and Nightingale Sisters

Thank you for your feedback. Florence Nightingale British nurse, statistician, and social reformer. Written By: Louise Selanders. See Article History. Top Questions.

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Read more below: Family ties and spiritual awakening. Unitarianism and Universalism. Read more below: Nursing in peace and war. Read more below: Homecoming and legacy. At the closure of the DRI the window was again removed and stored. The work features nine panels, of the original ten, depicting scenes of hospital life, Derby townscapes and Nightingale herself. Some of the work was damaged and the tenth panel was dismantled for the glass to be used in repair of the remaining panels.

All the figures, who are said to be modelled on prominent Derby town figures of the early sixties, surround and praise a central pane of the triumphant Christ. A nurse who posed for the top right panel in attended the rededication service in October Upon the centenary of Nightingale's death in , and to commemorate her connection with Malvern , the Malvern Museum held a Florence Nightingale exhibit [98] with a school poster competition to promote some events.

When Nightingale moved on to the Crimea itself in May , she often travelled on horseback to make hospital inspections. She later transferred to a mule cart and was reported to have escaped serious injury when the cart was toppled in an accident. Following this, she used a solid Russian-built carriage, with a waterproof hood and curtains.

The carriage was returned to England by Alexis Soyer after the war and subsequently given to the Nightingale training school. The carriage was damaged when the hospital was bombed during the Second World War. Florence Nightingale's voice was saved for posterity in a phonograph recording from preserved in the British Library Sound Archive.

The Nightingale Nurses : (Nightingales 3)

The recording, made in aid of the Light Brigade Relief Fund and available to hear online, says:. When I am no longer even a memory, just a name, I hope my voice may perpetuate the great work of my life. God bless my dear old comrades of Balaclava and bring them safe to shore.

Florence Nightingale. It did not portray her as an entirely sympathetic character and draws much characterisation from Lytton Strachey 's biography of her in Eminent Victorians. In , a stage musical play representation of Nightingale entitled The Voyage of the Lass was produced by the Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines.

In , a biographical silent film titled The Victoria Cross , starring Julia Swayne Gordon as Nightingale, was released, followed in by another silent film, Florence Nightingale , featuring Elisabeth Risdon. Portrayals of Nightingale on television, in documentary as in fiction, vary — the BBC's Florence Nightingale , featuring Laura Fraser , [] emphasised her independence and feeling of religious calling, but in Channel 4's Mary Seacole : The Real Angel of the Crimea , she is portrayed as narrow-minded and opposed to Seacole's efforts.

As well as a standing portrait, she was depicted on the notes in a field hospital, holding her lamp. Nightingale had a principled objection to having photographs taken or her portrait painted. An extremely rare photograph of her, taken at Embley on a visit to her family home in May , was discovered in and is now at the Florence Nightingale Museum in London. The first biography of Nightingale was published in England in In , Edward Tyas Cook was authorised by Nightingale's executors to write the official life, published in two volumes in Nightingale was also the subject of one of Lytton Strachey 's four mercilessly provocative biographical essays, Eminent Victorians.

Strachey regarded Nightingale as an intense, driven woman who was both personally intolerable and admirable in her achievements. Cecil Woodham-Smith , like Strachey, relied heavily on Cook's Life in her biography, though she did have access to new family material preserved at Claydon. In , Mark Bostridge published a major new life of Nightingale, almost exclusively based on unpublished material from the Verney Collections at Claydon and from archival documents from about archives around the world, some of which had been published by Lynn McDonald in her projected sixteen-volume edition of the Collected Works of Florence Nightingale to date.

Several churches in the Anglican Communion commemorate Nightingale with a feast day on their liturgical calendars. Washington National Cathedral celebrates Nightingale's accomplishments with a double-lancet stained glass window featuring six scenes from her life, designed by artist Joseph G. Reynolds and installed in A tinted lithograph by William Simpson illustrating conditions of the sick and injured in Balaklava. Nightingale's moccasins that she wore in the Crimean War.

A ward of the hospital at Scutari where Nightingale worked, from an lithograph by William Simpson. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Florence Nightingale disambiguation. For the film, see The Lady with a Lamp.

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Florence , Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Mayfair , London , England, UK. Nightingale's voice. Recorded to wax cylinder on 30 July , to raise money for veterans of the Charge of the Light Brigade. Nightingale, Florence First published reprint by The Feminist Press. Retrieved 6 July Philadelphia, London, Montreal: J.

Florence Nightingale

Lippincott Co. Nightingale, Florence; McDonald, Lynn Mysticism and Eastern Religions. Suggestions for Thought. Privately printed by Nightingale in London: Harrison. Bibcode : Natur Una and the Lion. Cambridge: Riverside Press. Note: First few pages missing. Title page is present. New York: George Routledge and Sons, CS1 maint: others link. Workhouse nursing. London: Macmillan and Co. Mathematics portal. King's College London. Retrieved 30 November Internet Archive.

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Retrieved 13 February Eminent Victorians. London: Chatto and Windus. Medical Women and Victorian Fiction. University of Missouri Press.

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