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Acoustic and long-term average spectrum measures to detect vocal aging in women.

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Musica Hodie. O canto como sopro de vida: um estudo dos efeitos do canto coral em um grupo de coralistas idosas. Vocal jitter and fundamental frequency characteristics in aged, female professional singers. For example, in school textbooks, when I studied in colonial times, a white man would be depicted with a hat, safari outfit, a gun, all proud, and a black man would be represented with a skin dress, always a ridiculous image.

I cannot recall seeing pretty images of Africans in colonial books. People of the black race were constantly portrayed in a manner that shows their inferiority. I am now 59 years old, I was 19 at independence, and I lived with these images until I was 15 or 16 years old. These are the four images that my contemporaries and older people are familiar with.

I attended a Catholic primary school. When I began going to church, God was white, and the Devil was black. This changed with time but not completely.

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How about the Portuguese who arrived in Mozambique more recently due to the economic crisis in Portugal? More a relationship of distrust. We are together, but no one knows what the other will do. And so, the Portuguese return without experiencing the language of Mozambican liberation and the process. Many leave with old thinking intact. Very few come with an open mind. In the colonial period, there was a class of assimilated Africans who renounced their culture in order to obtain an identity card and a set of privileges.

Today, the descendants of this group continue to form a specific social class? This continues to be relevant. The descendants of the assimilated are those who had access to education. Even in the colonial period, the few people who studied nursing, worked in basic public services, and the very select doctors, were all from assimilated families. People with new knowledge were needed at independence. Therefore, the descendants of the assimilated occupied a large part of decisive public positions.

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There were ordinary people who pursued an education as well, hence diluting the significance of the class question. But the distinction is still visible today. They are of a different class. I think that there should be research on this.

This dilemma persists. It was there that I learned that a mestizo or mulatto is an individual locked in an uncomfortable situation, always searching for an identity.

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Among black people, he is treated in a certain way; among white people, he is treated in a different way. He alone has to create his own world. It is how mestizo groups come about. There are cases of children of a black mother and a white father who dissociate himself from the woman who gave him life and join the other mestizos.

Many of them were born from rape or an adultery relationship, never from a socially acceptable relationship. This causes discrimination by the white people and by the black people. A mulatto is an individual living a life of identity dilemma. Sometimes, a mulatto thinks that he is white in front of a white man, but when he is in difficulties, he feels that he is a black descendant. Next to white people, he feels inferior but close to power.

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There is no research on miscegenation in Mozambique to my knowledge, but I think that it would be worth it. What is the identity of a mulatto today? Are they adjusting upward or downward? In Mozambique, the situation of the mulattos is very complicated.

In O Alegre Canto da Perdiz , Delfina wants to have mulatto children with a white man, an objective that she finally achieves. Afterwards, she discriminates against her black children and favours her mulatto children. Decolonization is a long process. It takes a lot of time. And today, in this independent country, black women married to white men are financially more stable even if they are discriminated.

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The problem persists. I had a neighbour who was mulatto or mestizo I do not differentiate between the two terms. Another woman used to do cleaning and cooking in her home. I initially thought that she was a domestic helper. Soon I realized that she was not a maid but sister. For example, her first novel, Balada do Amor ao Vento , discusses polygamy in southern Mozambique during the colonial period.

Related to her active involvement in the politics of Frelimo Liberation Front of Mozambique , her narrative often reflects the social uneasiness of a country ravaged and divided by the war of liberation and the civil conflicts that followed independence. Glottic characteristics and voice complaint in the elderly. Acoustic-perceptual correlates of voice quality in elderly men and women.

J Commun Disord. Rev Saude Publica. Changes in speaking fundamental frequency characteristics with aging. Folia Phoniatr Logop. Vocal fold vibratory characteristics of healthy geriatric females: analysis of high-speed digital images. Vocal intensity characteristics in normal and elderly speakers. Acoustic and long-term average spectrum measures to detect vocal aging in women. Musica Hodie. O canto como sopro de vida: um estudo dos efeitos do canto coral em um grupo de coralistas idosas. Vocal jitter and fundamental frequency characteristics in aged, female professional singers.

Alberto, Paulina , published in , strikingly prefigures the French "new wave" in fiction. In Pierre Jean Jouve's first novel, Paulina - said to be the most beautiful woman in Milan - enters a passionate affair with a married man. Pierre Jean Jouve, Maria Paulina Villarejo Kede, In the first book to argue that neurotic, psychotic, and borderline personality disorders can be identified, diagnosed, and treated even in the young, a renowned child psychiatrist marshalls her developmental perspective and adduces Paulina F.

Kernberg, Alan S. Weiner, Karen K. Bardenstein,