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As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

From Dust To Man

To see this, we will have to use the original Latin version. The word is, unfortunately I think, absent from the Mass today. So it begins as a statement of our identity and the consequences of our identity.

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It is important to remember that we are not only children of Adam but willing children of Adam. It is not so much that we fell with Adam into sin, as that we jumped into it with our eyes wide open and a cheery wave to the crowd. We have chosen to return to the dust. It is a turning in upon yourself that makes you less you.

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Think of people you have known who relate everything that happens in the world around them to themselves, almost always with either calculation or resentment: Think not just how miserable they are but how bone-wearyingly boring, because their world is so small. In your sins, you are not even the unique individual you think yourself. You are not special.

You are average, mediocre, run of the mill. But nevertheless, the rite recognizes that you are particularly interested in the fate of one boring sinner, yourself. All this is conveyed in the action of the rite itself.

To Form Man’s Body with the Dust of the Ground

You go forward and line up, either at the chancel steps or along the altar rail, and you receive the ashes with the same words everyone else hears. And it is delivered without the drama and pastoral sensitivity we expect. So we hear on Ash Wednesday that in Adam all died, which means that we are dead in our sins.

It is a fact of some importance, but one we spend most of our lives ignoring. That is the obvious meaning of the rite. Because you are a sinner, you are going to die and disappear, your decayed body scattered like the gold dust at the end of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, a symbol of the vanity and futility of human life. In Christian worship, however, you cannot avoid the Christian hope.

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Sin does not have the final word, even here, when your doom is being pronounced. As St.

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Where in this statement that we are dust and will return to dust is any kind of hope? In the double meaning of man. Remember, O Son of Adam, that you are not only a Son of Adam but that you are also a child of the Father through adoption.

The beginning of Lent reminds us that this world is passing and that we should put our trust instead in the eternal, in the Lord. The most important thing, the only permanent reality, is God.

Rather than storing up earthly treasures, we should seek first his everlasting kingdom Luke All this is part of our preparation for heaven. The things of the temporal order are necessarily temporary and will all be for naught. But if we recognize our humility and empty ourselves, putting the Lord before all else, we receive infinitely more than we fear we might lose.

It is in this salvific perspective that the words of Genesis are repeated in the Ash Wednesday liturgy, inviting us to an awareness of our mortal state and our need for penance. By his Cross and Resurrection, though we be only dust and ashes, we will be made a new creation.

From Dust You Came. The Biblical Hebrew Meaning

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