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Me and my husband acquired a 2 year old German Rottweiler from a couple who payed We have had Prince for 2 years now he turned 4 years old in October last night was the 2nd time he bit me, both times it has been a trip to the hospital with multiple stiches to my right had, last night I was sitting on the couch and scratching his chest as I do every night and bam he bit me, for the life of us we can not figure out why he would do this, he has been such a loyal, lovable companion, but why out of the blue would he do that.

We love him to much to give him up, but now I am a little scared of him and his odd moods, do you think if we got him neutered it would make a difference. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My dog is now 4 and him and my pitbull no longer get along.

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He bit my husband when he tried to kiss me. I thought neutering would help but nope. I can only strongly advise you to look up cesar millan, the dog whisperer. The breed is a different one, but the basic principles stay the same. It is very important that u address this.

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A dog who protects one owner against the other not talking about an abusive partner has misunderstood his place in the pack which makes the dog insecure and unstable. A dog like that can become dangerous. Hello Renata! They are descended from wolves, and wolves will bite each other as a means to communicate but not necessarily to cause harm. Try taking him to the vet to discuss his behaviour, maybe getting him neutered might be the best thing.

Good luck! Hi, please look up cesar millan, read a book by him, watch some of his shows, and then look for a dog trainer in your area with whom you feel confident and have him help you work with your Rottweiler. Agression, in any dog, is a symptom of something. I am sure you love your dog dearly and are the best owner who can to him, but dogs and humans have different ways of communicating which can lead to misunderstandings and bring out the worst behaviors in our beloved animals. At this point, I would say you have a choice between basically going through therapy with your dog and giving him up.

The good news if that if you find a good dog trainer, the turn around can be incredibly fast. You see dogs that are nothing but fear and agression that are taught to relax around humans and other animals within days or weeks. Yes it could make a difference but he could actually by doing it 2 nights ok n trot when you scratch your chest.

Has he gone for any other member of family..? Please let me know outcome sir all best. We rescued a german rottie 2. Ive previously owned one. He laid beside my husband while he was on the phone when we went to see him. That was his selling point to hubs. I dont work and having big dog experience I knew I needed to work with him.

Needless to say WE bonded, the husband and son arent part of his pack. Hes bit my husband soo many times for just petting him. Although he always approaches it in an excited way. Hes learned to read Bears body language but all he wants to do is be able to lovingly pet him. He listens to me and I can do pretty much anything to him.

Taking him to the vet requires tranquilizers. Any input you have would be appreciated.

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I just brought a 10 week old rottweiler puppy home. Thank you for the article it rested some concerns. They are beautiful loyal and I have always owned one since I was young and I am nearly 60now once you own one you will never want any other breed of dog. I owned a Rotti as well and she was a sweetheart, she did attack my ex husband for hitting me!! Dollie was the best and got along great with my Doberman ,they played together and lived each other dearly!! Great breed!! I have a 3 year old female rottweiler. We trained it ourselves. It is obedient and loves the family.

Let it move around freely in the house compound.. Its friendly and listens to the master. We have a 11 year old rotti. Like said ANY pup can turn violent. We have treated our pup with love and kindness.

He is by far our most loyal,gental,sensitive pup. And we have had the great pleasure of having 11 pups in our family life. He is lbs and we call him our gental giant! I could not ask for a better more loving pup. But we have always treated our fur family with love and kindness and they have returned it in spades. I WILL bring another rotti in our lives when the time comes.

I am a new comer to the breed. I had a well established pack that included a 9 year boarder collie mix, 2 year old pit bull, and a 2 year jack russell. A friend of mine had to to rehome her 5 year old pound german rotti she asked if I would take him. I had known the dog and his training as our dogs had the same trainer.

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  • He has fit right in to our routines. The humans are the pack leaders and everyone is is either neutered or spayed. My 5 year grandson can control all 4 dogs and they responds. Dominic the rotti has never been around children and he accepted my grandson. My grandson has been taught and has classes how to train and work with dogs. I love the breed. I bought a Rottweiler six years ago. She had been kept in a garage for 2 years. At first she would pace and jump, acting as though she was still caged. She has become the most loving and loyal pet I have ever owned.

    She is not aggressive to anyone or other animals. She is very protective of me and our home. I am 73 years old, live alone and she is wonderful company. I have 3. A 6 year old female, and a brother and sister pair that are 3.

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    All of them went to a 6 week in house obedience training with the same trainer. Hot Topics. Other Topics. Product Reviews.

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    Contact Us Call - Fax - If your dog has a cataract, his vision is obscured. However, some cataracts can grow large enough to cover the whole lens, causing blindness. The dog will also need elbow and hip evaluations from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals , and an OFA heart examination certificate too. An obese Rottweiler can suffer from joint problems, and excess weight can also cause complications such as heart disease and diabetes.

    They run into the same complications that their cousin the Doberman does.

    So, make sure your Rottie enjoys a couple of long walks each day and some playtime too. Remember that the Rottweiler was bred to be a working dog, so he will thrive in a family that enjoys outdoor activities and lots of fun walking and hiking. Rottweilers are very intelligent dogs that adapt very well to a structured training regimen. Although Rotties may look fierce, they are actually placid, loving dogs.